Registration BAES eServices

Registration for BAES eServices requires several steps. The first two steps are performed in the Enterprise Service Portal (USP) .In case of problems with the USP , please contact the USP Service Center at 050233733. After registration in the USP, the next steps take place in the BAES eService. The access to the BAES eServices takes place via the USP.

  1. Step: Registration USP. Verification of the data may take some time (up to three days) - Enterprise Service Portal:
  2. Step: Then assign the procedure "BAESeServices" in your (USP) user account. Detailed instructions can be found in the document "Instructions Admistration in the Enterprise Service Portal".
  3. Step:  Registration with BAES. Detailed instructions can be found in the document "Further steps for BAES eServices registration".

Important: If the error message "No allowed right in AUTHORIZE-roles!" appears in the USP, the procedure has not been assigned. Please follow the instructions in the 2nd step!


It is possible to download a transaction confirmation via "Application overview / Notification overview".

An official registration confirmation can be requested via However, there is a charge for this.

Product approvals of plant protection products, fertilizers or feed and seed are carried out via "Approval".

Legal basis

Distributors of fertilizers, plant protection products or feedstuffs are required to notify the Federal Office for Food Safety (BAES) before commencing operations. These notifications as well as the notification according to §9 Seed Act can be carried out via the BAES eServices portal.

In BAES eServices you can fulfill the following reporting obligations:


For questions about the USP: Hotline 050233733

For general questions about BAES eServices:

For questions regarding notification according to §16 Fertilizer Act 2021

For questions regarding registration according to § 4 para. 1 Plant Protection Products Act 2011:

For questions regarding registration according to §14 Feed Act 1999

For questions regarding registration according to §9 Seed Act 1997

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