The Federal Office for Food Safety (BAES) is the competent authority for the implementation of the Feed Act 1999, as amended. Futtermittelgesetz 1999 i.d.g.F  (in German only)

The Feed Act 1999, as amended, governs the placing on the market and use of feed, premixes and feed additives for animal nutrition.

Operating Approval and Registration

According to the "EG-Futtermittel-Hygieneverordnung" (VO 183/2005) the obligation to register has been extended since 1.1.2006 to all companies in the animal feed sector, including primary production (agricultural companies), manufacturers of feed materials (e.g. mills), trade, transport and storage. Manufacturers and/or distributors of certain additives, premixtures or compound feedingstuffs containing certain additives are still subject to authorisation.

Important Note:

Article 5(6) of Regulation (EC) No 183/2005 provides that 'feed business operators and farmers shall procure and use feed only from establishments registered or approved in accordance with this Regulation'.

Business Registration

Every feed business operator who places farm animal feed on the market, i.e. manufactures, stores, transports, trades,... must apply to BAES for registration. The production or wholesale of pet food is also subject to registration. Exceptions from the obligation to register with BAES are primary production (registration here via the LFBIS number) and retailing of petfood. Further explanations in connection with the obligation to register can be found in the document below.

Operating Approval

An operating licence is one of the best authorisations for the production or placing on the market of animal feed. Additives, best. Additives and premixes required - details can be found in the Approval Filling Guide.

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