Seed mixtures are regulated in the 5th section of the Seed Act 1997 as amended.

Seed mixtures for use in agriculture are subject to framework conditions defined for a certain purpose (composition of certain species and their proportion = mixing framework); for non-agricultural uses (e.g. lawn mixtures, golf course mixtures) there are no comparable provisions. Mixtures of different varieties (e.g. rye) or mixtures of different crops according to the Seed Ordinance 2006 must be registered with the competent licensing authority - i.e. the mixture recipe must be announced; the applicant receives a registration number which must be used for the produced batches in the sense of the control number. Seed mixtures are formally tested as part of the approval process and randomly subjected to laboratory testing, in particular to ensure that the composition and quality of the individual components comply with the registration requirements.

A mixing season runs from 1 November to 31 October of the following year. The Federal Office for Food Safety shall keep a register of notified seed mixtures. Technical requirements for seed mixtures or their components are laid down in the methods for seeds and varieties.

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    Methode_Mischungsrahmen_2023.pdf Methoden für Saatgut und Sorten gemäß § 5 Saatgutgesetz 1997 BGBl. I Nr. 72/1997 idgF - Rahmenbestimmungen für Saatgutmischungen für Verwendungszwecke in der Landwirtschaft 417 KB

Mixtures of vegetable varieties

On 23 March 2011, the European Commission adopted the Decision implementing Council Directive 2002/55/EC as regards the conditions under which the marketing of small packages containing mixtures of standard seed of different vegetable species of the same species may be authorised (2011/180/EU).

Precise labelling rules have been adopted to ensure traceability and adequate information for users. Standard seed of different varieties of one species may be mixed; mixtures of several species are not permitted under the Basic Directive on the marketing of vegetable seed (2002/55/EC). Marketing is only carried out in small packages with a fixed maximum net weight of the seed contained. Standard seeds of vegetables are subject to legal regulations to ensure defined quality criteria such as a minimum germination capacity, but also the guarantee of freedom from genetic engineering; in the course of seed marketing controls, compliance with the provisions on protection against deception and unfair competition is checked.

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