The Federal Office for Food Safety publishes the Sorten- und Saatgutblatt four times a year in accordance with the legal requirements of the Plant Variety Protection Act 2001 as amended and the Seed Act 1997 as amended.

The publication (March, June, September, December) contains:

  • Applications for plant variety protection and applications for variety authorization
  • Publication of variety denominations - Amendment/deletion of variety denominations
  • Termination of the procedure for granting plant variety protection and variety acceptance
  • Granting of plant variety protection and acceptance of varieties - Extension of acceptance of varieties
  • Change in the person of the applicant, holder of the plant variety right, breeder and procedural representative.
  • Termination of plant variety protection and variety authorization
  • Communications concerning plant variety protection and acceptance
  • Directory - The numbers in the respective columns of applicants, holders of plant variety rights, breeders and procedural representatives refer to the sequential number of the directory.
  • Seed Regulations (information concerning applications for certification or approval of seeds, methods, dates, statistics and authorisation)
  • Information and data on - Regulations based on these Federal Acts - Relevant Community law - Decisions of courts and administrative authorities - Other matters of general interest concerning plant varieties and seeds - Information on genetically modified seeds and varieties

The current variety and seed sheet is available here in PDF format. If you are interested in earlier issues of the Variety and Seed Bulletin (before March 2017), please contact us to order.

aktuelles Sorten- und Saatgutblatt


If you are interested in previous editions of the Variety and Seed Bulletin, you are welcome to request them at .

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