Saatgutimporte aus Drittstaaten in den EU-Raum unterliegen besonderen Regelungen. Einfuhranzeigen gemäß Saatgutgesetz sind für die Zollabwicklung jedenfalls erforderlich.
Saatgutexporte unterliegen den Bestimmungen der Importländer und werden mit international gültigen Zertifikaten begleitet.

Seed imports from third countries into the EU are subject to special regulations. Import notifications in accordance with the Seed Act are required for customs clearance in any case. Seed exports are subject to the regulations of the importing countries and are accompanied by internationally valid certificates. 1. import (seed imports into the EU from third countries) In the case of seed from third countries (for species see Seed Ordinance 2006), the Seed Act 1997 as amended requires an authorisation for import (import notification). For small quantities there are differentiated exemption regulations according to the Seed Ordinance. Current information on submitting an import permit can be found here. In order to successfully issue the import notification, imported seed shall be accompanied by a unique identity. The variety must be listed in the EC catalogue of varieties. In addition, a field recognition certificate (OECD certificate) and a certificate of quality (ISTA/AOSA certificate) are required. For seed not finally certified or seed for further processing, the OECD certificate of successful field certification is sufficient. In the case of imports of vegetable seed from third countries which are permitted as standard seed, it should be noted that the varieties appear in the EC catalogue of varieties. No investigation reports need to be enclosed. The applicant shall ensure compliance with the statutory quality standards when placing the product on the market. Special provisions shall apply to the import of propagating seeds and seed mixtures. The applicant shall pay particular attention to the fact that the application or the import notification shall include an indication whether or not the seed is genetically modified. The movement of seed from one Contracting State of the European Economic Area (EU Member States plus Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland) to another Contracting State is not regarded as import / export (movement within the internal market) and is therefore not subject to the import regulations described. This also applies to Switzerland.


2. exportThe national recognition/approval applies to the entire EU or EEA area. In principle, there are no rules on standards for export seed. Seed exports to third countries are usually accompanied by OECD and ISTA certificates, which are recognised worldwide.

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