Seed companies or their employees can be authorised for precisely defined tasks under certain conditions. According to the Seed Ordinance 2006, the Federal Office for Food Safety can authorise the following activities:

  • Examination of the requirements for the crop on the reproductive area (field inspection) including examination of the basic seed,
  • laboratory tests necessary to verify the quality of seed in the certification or approval procedure,
  • the procurement and use of official labels,
  • Operation of automatic sampling systems,
  • Investigations within the framework of inspections,
  • Carrying out laboratory tests and field trials in the context of variety approval testing,
  • Operation of mixing facilities including suitable processes for all mixing processes,
  • Execution of representative sampling including verification of labelling, packaging and sealing.

Authorisation requires the fulfilment of formal requirements and permanent monitoring by the Institute for Seeds and Seedlings, Plant Protection Service and Bees. In this context, the Institute for Seed and Seedlings, Plant Protection Services and Bees regularly offers state-of-the-art training programmes. In addition to the corresponding basic and special training, authorised persons must also take a theoretical and practical examination.

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