Feed: traceability of horse feed

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Traceability of horse feed (in particular reward articles) supplied by pet shops, pet food markets or specialised suppliers of equine products can be ensured in the following way:

For livestock feed, including feed for horses, traceability must be ensured by establishing the identity of the purchaser. If this should not be possible due to disproportionately high administrative expenditure or should not be accepted by the customer (refusal of the disclosure of personal data or danger of the disclosure of false data), the following alternative is possible: The feed business operator (FBO) must be able to make a verifiable daily allocation for the sale of all horse feed products. If a problem arises with a product that requires a return from the market (either on its own initiative pursuant to § 18, paragraph 4 FMG 99 or due to an official order pursuant to § 17, paragraph 5 FMG 99), the FBO must inform its customers of the problem by displaying it in and/or posters in front of the respective branch and request the return of the product concerned (trade name, batch number, date or period of sale). If a product batch is delivered to several stores in a retail chain, this requirement applies to all stores affected.

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