Product warning: Dog food Wolfsblut Adult Atlantic Tuna, Tuna and Sea Lettuce, 2 kg and 15 kg.

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The company Healthfood24 GmbH recalls more complete feeds of the brand Wolfsblut.


The Federal Office for Food Safety (BAES) informed on 18.11.2022 about a product recall of the company Healthfood24 GmbH, Tschaikowski Strasse 16, D-04105 Leipzig. The company Healthfood24 GmbH recalled at that time because of increased lead content a complete feed for dogs Wolfsblut Atlantic Tuna. Via the European Rapid Alert System, elevated lead levels of this brand have now been reported in other complete feeds:

"Wolfsblut Adult Atlantic Tuna, Tuna and Sea Lettuce" 2kg BBD: 06/14/2023, 06/24/2023 and 07/17/2023.

"Wolfsblut Adult Atlantic Tuna, Tuna and Sea Lettuce", 15kg MHD: 04/27/2023 and 07/03/2023.

This product was already ordered and delivered in 2021 by customers in Austria via the Internet.

The BAES points out that feed with increased lead content is not safe and may no longer be fed. Due to an increased lead content in the feed, adverse health effects cannot be ruled out after feeding.

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