Authorisation of Undertakings to Carry Out Conformity Checks on the Export of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

As the competent authority, the Federal Office for Food Safety can authorise companies to carry out conformity checks on the export of fresh fruit and vegetables to carry out their own checks. The advantage for the companies is the faster handling of the export procedure to third countries as well as a reduction of the control fees if necessary, since individual company-owned persons authorized by the Federal Office are authorized to control and issue a conformity certificate.

In addition to other requirements, the completion of a product-specific training course held by the Federal Office in the duration of 1 to 2 days with passed final examination is required beforehand.

For quality assurance purposes, the Federal Office carries out random check rate checks in accordance with a risk-based control plan, which, like the company authorisation itself, are subject to a charge in accordance with the Federal Office's fee tariff . Usually the companies can be authorized for a period of 2 years, renewals are possible on request. In the event of extension, refresher courses are also obligatory in addition to other requirements.

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