Plant protection products: standardized presentation in the register

| Plant protection products Authorization

In order to further improve the clarity of the presentation of the Register of Plant Protection Products, the trade names of plant protection products are now uniformly presented with a capitalized initial letter. A general capitalization of trade names in the search query of the register is not intended. This has no effect on approvals and their validity, nor on the possible spelling of the trade name on the product itself.


Register of plant protection products authorized in Austria

In the Register of Plant Protection Products, all plant protection products approved by the Federal Office for Food Safety are entered under a consecutive number. In addition to general information on the approval, such as the start and end of the approval, the approval holder, the manufacturer of the formulation, the active ingredients contained and the active ingredient content, the detailed application regulations, conditions and instructions are also listed. The data is updated on an ongoing basis. A half-hour training video gives you the opportunity to get to know the plant protection product register with all its functions and query options.

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